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All-Star Squadron #9 Cover

Being a fan of the Golden Age how can you not be drawn, no pun intended, to these heroes from World War 2? Especially with names like the Shining Knight, The Atom, Liberty Belle, Johnny Quick, Hawkgirl, Robotman and Steele. Who better to capture their vintage essence then Joe Kubert who broke his teeth on these characters in the 40’s? A number of these characters have been introduced to the youth of today by watching the DC shows on the CW network.

NOTE ON CONDITION: In full disclosure we were just notified that this cover at one time had an overlay that consisted of the fire graphics on the bottom half of this cover. Apparently they were cut out from and placed directly on the cover.


Series: All-Star Squadron
Issue: 9
Publisher: DC Comics
Dimensions: 10x15
Art Type: Cover
Penciler: Joe Kubert
Inker: Joe Kubert


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