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Avengers #91 pages 14 and 15 (Love Finally Revealed)


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Avengers #91 pages 14 and 15 (Love Finally Revealed)

Love Finally Revealed

There are so many times that someone will say that this or that is a historic piece when it may be a bit exaggerated. These pages are without a doubt truly historic. It’s finally revealed, by Ronin of all people, that Wanda and the Vision are in LOVE. They tried to deny this to themselves for too long and we, the audience, wanted them to proclaim it but they refused to acknowledge it. Now it’s taken out of their hands by Ronin’s proclamation. Their love may be the greatest love affair in all of Marvel history. Their relationship spawned the overwhelmingly successful Wanda and Vision series on Disney and its been announced that another season is forthcoming. 

Series: Avengers
Issue: 91
Page: 14
Publisher: Marvel Comics
Dimensions: 10x15
Art Type: Panel
Penciler: Sal Buscema
Inker: Sal Buscema


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